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Shah Rukh Khan without a heroine

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The search for the leading lady for Aanand L Rai’s movie starring Shah Rukh Khan continues. The talk was that Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif had been pencilled in. But Katrina has ever since denied the rumours. Trade pundits tell us that the script is nowhere near complete, which is why Katrina hasn’t signed on the dotted line as yet. Deepika, of course, refused the project because she didn’t have dates as she is shooting for Padmavati non-stop. Then it was said that Alia Bhatt had been signed for the movie in which Shah Rukh Khan reportedly plays a dwarf. But it seems Alia Bhatt too has date issues. But she didn’t want to miff Shah Rukh at the same time. Guess what he did? She went to meet Shah Rukh along with her manager Reshma Shetty and took along her date diary. The actress asked Shah Rukh to pick the dates according to his convenience. When the superstar couldn’t do that, she asked to be excused from the project.  Shah Rukh being the gentleman that he is naturally let her go. So he’s without a heroine currently. And the search continues…

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Author: moomblr, sharing top global trendy news !!

moomblr, sharing top global trendy news !!

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