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9 cray things Varun Dhawan said on Jio Famosuly Filmfare

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Varun Dhawan is a high voltage live wire infused with hardcore Bollywood masala. And we at Filmfare love to love him. He’s graced the fourth episode of our blockbuster chat show with Editor-In-Chief jitesh Pillaai and boy, the madness is high-octane. You can watch the show exclusively on the Jio network anytime and on Colors Infinity at 9PM this Sunday.

Meanwhile here are the 8 things he said on the show that’ll definitely make you want to watch the full ep…

1. Javed Akhtar is a better actor than Shabana Azmi and Alia Bhatt

2. I wouldn’t say Sidharth is my best friend. But he is definitely somebody I wish really well for

3. Alia Bhatt is like a dada on set

4. My dad made sure I got rejected for Dhobi Ghat

5. I like skin show, who doesn’t

6. Natasha… I like the name

7. I was a black sheep of the family, they felt yeh kuch nahi karega

8. My dad is perpetually worried that Varun has to be home before 10 o clock. He hates me going out at night

Plus, you have to watch the episode for Varun’s imitations of Mithoon Chakraborty and Salman Khan. Like you simplly can’t miss that for sure…

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Author: moomblr, sharing top global trendy news !!

moomblr, sharing top global trendy news !!

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